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LinuxDay 2014 and openSUSE

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Saturday, October 25th, in Italy there was the “Linux Day”.

For those not familiar with the “Linux Day”, this is an annual event where many Italian Linux User Groups meet the public to promote free software, GNU/Linux, and much more. As has already happened in the past, I decided not to organize an event with FSUGItalia directly, but to participate as openSUSE Advocate in events organized by other groups.


In particular, I accepted the invitation of the GULLI of Livorno and GLug of Perugia. In the morning, the event in the beautiful Tuscan city, was characterized by a high proportion of young, inexperienced people, but who have shown great interest. In particular they asked me how they can actively participate in the openSUSE project.In the afternoon, in Magione, near Trasimeno lake (Umbria), I found a more mature, experienced, prepared audience. The questions in this case were about technical nature, particularly on the differences with other distributions and about OBS.

In both events, the small digression about embedded openSUSE, attracted the attention of more experienced users, who were surprised to find something different from the classic Raspberry. As usual, the amazing gadgets have attracted the attention of all participants.
It was a busy day full of satisfaction. This confirms to me once again, if proof were still needed, that the best way to promote free software, is among the people during public events.

Finally, I would like to thank Diego of Gulli and Claudio of LugPg for the friendliness and hospitality.


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ottobre 30, 2014 a 2:06 pm

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